Government budgetGovernment budget CHECKNational statisticsNational Statistics CHECKProcurementProcurement CHECKNational lawsNational Laws CHECKAdministrative boundariesAdm. Borders CheckDraft legislationDraft Legislation CHECKAir QualityAir Quality CHECKNational mapsNational Maps CHECKWeather forecastWeather Forecast CHECKCompany registerCompany Register CHECKGovernment spendingGovernment Spending CHECKElection resultsElection Results CHECKLocationsLocations CHECKWater qualityWater quality CHECKLand ownershipLand Ownership CHECK
NL reviewerMinFinYes, / TendernedEZ / PIANOo (beheerder van systeem TenderNed) / KOOPJelle Verburg (donl)IenM / KadasterKadaster, Dick Eertink 18/05/2017BZK / KOOPJelle Verburg (donl) IenM / RIVMIenM/BoutIenM / KadasterKadaster, Dick Eertink 18/05/2017KNMIKNMI, Frank LantsheerKvK, Jan Leerling 1/06/2017Company Register CHECKBZK / DGOOPieter van AkenBZK / KiesraadJan-Jouke Vos en Ron de JongIenM / kadasterKadaster, Dick Eertink 18/05/2017IenM / RWS / RIVMIenM/ RIVM/ Wim v.d. Maas  ( first check by Rien Bout) Dik Harald of RIVM on the phone by Rien BoutIenM / KadasterKadaster, Dick Eertink 18/05/2017 Rien Bout 02062017
It's openly licencedYesYes, BY 3.0 NLYes, CC0 (, CC0NoYes, CC0NoYes - CCOYesCC BY 4.0 qualifies as an open licence by international standardsYesYes, publiek domein Yes, except the limitation based on the database rights of the Chamber of Commerce that information cannot be filed in a shadow register to be commercially redistributed as Company Register Information. All other forms of re-use are unlimited.NoNoYes, data avalaible in CC-0 licenseNoYes, CC-0 licenseNoYes, CC-0 licenseNoReports and information is available through various drinkwater companies. For example:,, 
NoCC BY 4.0 which is considered open by the Gov. of the Netherlands.
It's in an open and machine-readable formatYesYes,, JSON and XML

Web services based on the Odata protocol
Noyes, actual data is in XML. Historical data is in XLSXYesThe full BWB, but also every regulation can be requested in XML format.YesData is available in WMS, WFS, download. WMS en WFS at, download at, XML (SRU Webservice manual, API (, TMS, WMTS, GML, GeoTIFF. At available: and information and warnings: KNMI website, 
text bulletins:


direct modeloutput:
YesNoNoData is available in CSV format. Every department has there own datasets. A few examples off this:,, is available in XML (EML) format. But not for outcomes of elections per polling station of all elections There is an 'databank': feed, INSPIRE compliant, available at, WFS, GML, available at Thus YES
It's downloadable at onceYesYes,

Noyes, actual data ( )Historical data ( at It is possible to get a full copy of the dataset XML. It is to big with 300.000 toestanden in XML: total is 90 GB. When you deliver a usb stick you can get is for free.YesYes, SRU webservice Noyes (, available downloadable in different formats: YesNoNoyes, per department, otherwise loss of detailNoOnly for some years, via ZIP files with results of elections.NoYes YesNoYes
It's up-to-dateYes
Yes, twice a year update
YesYes, monthly statics within one month,
quarterly statistics within one quarter and
yerly based statistics within one year
Yesyes, actual data is continousily updatedYesUpdate: continuYesYes, Quarterly updateNoYes: continuYesyes ( full updateYesUpdate: continuYesYesNoyes, yearly updatedNoNoNoMonthly updatesNo YesNoMonthly updates
It's publicly availableYesYes,,, link to the bron:  YesYes YesNoNoyesNoYESNoYes  No YesNoYes  The cadastral maps and cadastral parcels are publicly available.
It's available free of chargeYesYes, YesNoYes
This concerns Drinking water. Note that data on surface water is available as open data in CCO standard.  More reports and data available on drinking water through these websites:,,

Note: when data on purchase price and ownership are required to quantify than that part is not publicly available as open data due to privacy regulations. See also the next entree.
What is expectedNational government budget at a high level, that is the planned government expenditure for the upcoming year, and not the actual expenditure. Open budget data allows for well-informed publics: showing where money is spent on, how public funds develop over time, and why certain activities are funded. We recommend that you consult our methodology section for more information.Key national statistics on demographic and economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or unemployment and population statistics. See our methodology section for more information.Total of 4.000 datasets covering the themes:

Construction and housing



Financial and business services

Government and politics

Health and welfare

Income and spending

International trade

Labour and social security

Leisure and culture


Manufacturing and energy

Nature and environment



Security and justice

Trade, hotels and restaurants

Traffic and transport
All tenders and awards of the national/federal government aggregated by office. It does not look into procurement planning or other procurement phases. Open procurement data may enable fairer competition among companies, allow to detect fraud, as well as deliver better services for governments and citizens. Monitoring tenders helps new groups to participate in tenders and to increase government compliance. The Index draws on work from the Open Contracting Partnership. See our methodology for more information.Two data sets available:
1) RSS feed with 25 latest 'award notices'
2) XLS data set with all notices published in the last 6 months.
This data category requires all national laws and statutes to be available online, although it is not a requirement that information on legislative behaviour e.g. voting records is available.The data is availbale at On this page also European as local rules are there. There is no difference between us and OKF.Data on administrative units or areas defined for the purpose of administration by a (local) government. See our methodology section for more information.Data about the bills discussed within national parliament as well as votings on bills (not to mix with passed national law). Data on bills must be available for the current legislation period. Open data on the law-making process is crucial for parliamentary transparency: What does a bill text say and how does it change over time? Who introduces a bill? Who votes for and against it? Where is a bill discussed next, so the public can participate in debates? This data category draws on work by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Declaration of Parliamentary Openness.Hoi Jelle, gezien deze definitie van "verwacht' wil ik voorstellen dat we hierbij uitgaan van wetsvoorstllen in de TK. Daar krijgen wetsvoorstellen dan ook een uniek kamer nummer. En deze zijn als open data te downloaden via de TK API. Groet PaulData about the daily mean concentration of air pollutants, especially those potentially harmful to human health. Data should be available for all air monitoring stations or air monitoring zones in a country. The Index focusses on key pollutants as defined by the World Health Organisation. See our methodology section for more information.Data on Nitrogen dioxide, Particulate matter (PM 2,5 and PM 10) etc. as open data availlable on  and at the national geo portal Data is available via SOS API (standard used by Eropean Environment Agency) Data is also available in EU reporting A geographical map of the country including national traffic routes, stretches of water, and markings of heights. The map must at least be provided at a scale of 1:250,000 (1 cm = 2.5km). Geographic information is instrumental for many use cases, including the mapping of unemployment statistics or demographics, as well as journey planning. See our methodology section for more information.Raster data in scales 1:25.000, 1:50.000, 1: 100.000, 1:250.000, 1:500.000  GML data in scales 1:10.000, 1:50.000, 1:100.000, 1:250.000, 1:500.000, 1:1.000.0003-day forecasts of temperature, precipitation and wind. Forecasts have to be provided for several regions in the country. Short-term weather forecasts are relevant for the general public to plan activities, while also being reliable. See our methodology section for more information.KNMI only provides short term weather forecast for 2-days. After 2 days we call it medium range. KNMI is limited in adding too much detail in the forecast output (due to national law restrictions)List of registered (limited liability) companies. The submissions in this data category do not need to include detailed financial data such as balance sheet, etc. Open data from company registers may be used for many ends: e.g. enabling customers and businesses to see with whom they deal, or to see where a company has registered offices. This definition draws on the work of OpenCorporates.Records of actual (past) national government spending at a detailed transactional level. Data must display ongoing expenditure, including transactions and subsidies. A database of contracts awarded or similar will not be considered sufficient. Open spending data shows whether public money is efficiently and effectively used. It helps to understand spending patterns, and to display corruption, misuse, and waste. We recommend that you consult our methodology section for more information.This data category requires results by constituency / district for all major national electoral contests. Election data informs about voting outcomes and voting process. What are electoral majorities and minorities? How many votes are registered, invalid, or spoilt? To enable highest transparency, the Index assesses polling station data. Data for electoral zones does not suffice. The Index consulted the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to develop this data category. For more information, see the NDI’s Open Elections Data Initiative. We recommend that you consult our methodology section for more information.A database of postcodes/zipcodes and the corresponding spatial locations in terms of a latitude and a longitude (or similar coordinates in an openly published coordinate system). The data has to be available for the entire country. See our methodology section for more information.Data, measured at the water source, on the quality of water is essential for both the delivery of services and the prevention of diseases. The Index either looks at the quality of designated drinking water sources, or of environmental water sources (if drinking water data is not available). See our methodology for more information. In order to satisfy the minimum requirements for this category, data should be available on level of the following chemicals by water source.A distiction is made between problem substances and potential ones. Problem substances are the parameters that during the monitored period exceed the standards once or serveral times. Potential problem materials are the parameters when the norm is exceeded by 75% during the monitoring period, or the parameters that exceed the analytical framwork of the water sector themselves.Data should include maps of lands with parcel layer that displays boundaries in addition to a land registry with information on registered parcels of land. The Index focuses on assessing open land tenure data (describing the rules and processes of land property). Responsible use may enable tenure security and increase the transparency of land transactions. The assessment criteria were developed in collaboration with Cadasta Foundation. For more information on land ownership datasets and where they're located, check out Cadasta Foundation's Data Overview.Land parcels are available as open data. Data on land tenure and property value (purchase price) are publicly available but only by individual objects and costs are charged (involves personal data).
Budget per government departmentYes, Domestic Product
and more
Tenders per government officeyesContent of the law / statusYesBoundary level 1National boundaries, boundaries of provincesContent of billYesParticulate matter (PM)APIScale of 1:250,000 (1 cm = 2.5km)see aboveTemperature extremesonly added for specific situations Name of companyIndividual record of transactionsno, totals per vendor, otherwise database too bigResults for major electoral contestsYESZipcodesincludedFecal coliformSee the varous reportsParcel boundaries (inc. latitude and longitude)included (open)
Budget per sub-departmentNo, primary focus are policy aspects National unemployment
Awards per government officeyesDate of last amendmentYesBoundary level 2Boundaries of municipalitiesAuthor of billYesSulphur oxides (SOx)APIMarkings of national traffic routesincludedTemperature averageincludedCompany addressGovernment office which had the transactionyesNumber of registered votesYESAddressesincludedArsenicSee the varouis reportsParcel IDincluded (open)
Descriptions for budget sectionsYes, population

more then 1.000 datasets.
Tender nameyesAmendments to the law (if applicable)YesCoordinates (latitude, longitude)YesVotes on bill per member of parliamentYes, but available at the API of the ParliamentNitrogen oxides (NOx)APIMarkings of relief/heightsincludedWind speedincludedUnique identifier of the companyDate of transactionnoNumber of invalid votesYESCoordinates (latitude, longitude)includedFluoride levelsSee the various reportsProperty value (i.e. Price Paid, Property Tax Value)not included (public, not open) due to privacy regulations.
Tender descriptionyesName of poligone (department, region, city)YesTranscripts of debates on billYesCarbon monoxide (CO)APIMarkings of water stretchesincludedWind directionincludedRegister available for entire countryName of vendoryesNumber of spoiled ballotsUnclear what is meant by 'spoiled ballots'.Data available for entire countryYesNitratesSee the various reportsTenure Type (ie. leasehold, freehold, protected lands, public lands, customary lands)not included (public, not open) due to privacy regulations.
Tender statusyesBorders of poligoneYesStatus of billYesOzoneAPINational bordersincludedPrecipitation AmountincludedAmount of the transactionyesData available at polling station levelYES (in EML) Yes, on local level ( Dissolved SolidsSee the various reports
Award titleyesVolatile organic compounds (VOCs)APIPrecipitation ProbabilityincludedData per water sourceSee the various reports
Award descriptionyesIn 2015 onderdeel legislation voor 90% open, zou alleen niet in bulk download beschikbaar zijnAvailable per air monitoring station/zoneYes (list of stations in XML for current day and four following daysshort range: 2 days, medium range for 15 daysAvailable for entire countrySee the various reports
Value of the awardyes, optional
Supplier's nameyes